Sunday, February 8, 2009

Yet another farewell BBQ

A tradition on-island is to see your friends off at the airport when they are making their final departure. The flight leaves late and it's always a school night, Sunday and Thursday (thanks Hawaiian!), so this takes commitment and love (esp from us as we live on the opposite side of the island). I have done this a few times but I'm rather choosy with my airport goodbyes.

Aaron and Naomi who fell from the sky around the same time I did were leaving this past Thursday and I really wanted to see them off at the airport. Matt opened his house for a BBQ with the plan to "do the airport" afterward. Unfortunately, there was something wrong with the plane (I've yet to find out what) and the flight was delayed until the next morning. Having to work, there was no way to make it all the way out there the next morning. I was convinced that this was some crazy plot development out of LOST where Naomi and Aaron wouldn't be able to make it off the island. And eventually, by extension neither would we. Which leads me to my next blog entry....Getting Lost. (Naomi and Aaron and there kitty did make it off the island afterall).

Aaron decided he wanted to do politician handshake series with everyone.

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