Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pacific Arts Festival-Other People's Blogs

Some links to friend's blogs with good info and photos.
Many of these guys work across the street so they all took long (very long) lunch hours during the festival. And some even luckier others don't have day jobs so they could hang out all day long. Check them out-there's some good stuff!

Melanie's Posts:

Pacific Arts Festival, Part I

Pacific Arts Festival, Part II

Pacific Arts Festival, Part III

Carol's Post:

10th Festival of the Pacific Arts

Aaron's Posts:

Pacific Arts Festival

Pacific Arts Festival 2

Barbara's Posts:

the best festival ever

Pictures from the Pavillion

The stage

The stadium


The Festival is Upon Us

Arts Festival Photos

A Loss for Words (Take That, Blau)

Lost for Words


Pacific Arts Festival--Part 1

Papua New Guinea

I would also keep checking The Harty's because I know that Julia took some awesome photos but it seems she hasn't had time to upload.

Pacific Arts Festival-Hawaiian Performers

Pacific Arts Festival-Tonga

The beautiful outdoor setting for daytime performances at Utulei beach with Rainmaker Mountain in the background.

Pacific Arts Festival-Papua New Guinea

aPapua New Guinea performers!

Pacific Arts Festival-Fire Knife Performers

Fire Knife performance at the Pacific Arts Festival!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Pacific Arts Festival-Tahitian Performers

American Samoa hosted the 10th Pacific Arts Festival for two weeks and we were treated to the arts and culture of 26 Pacific Nations. This festival happens only every 4 years. There were performances throughout the day during the week, but I was unfortunately stuck at work. Luckily, there were performances at night as well.
There was a fabulous performance of Tahitian, Fijian, FireKnife Dancing one evening. These photos are from the Tahitian Performance. This was an evening outdoor show. It was a dramatic performance with the twilight clouds.