Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Samoan Xmas Redux

Yes, I've been here long enough for the holidays to repeat themselves.
Though Markus was off-island there was plenty of activities to keep me busy.

The now traditional Christmas Eve Gift Exchange at Naomi and Aaron's. I tried hard to get me the ukulele or the American Samoa flag (a few of this years "hot" items). Sadly, I came away empty handed after a cut throat round of ro0-sham-bo. As a wonderful surprise Dr. Dave came through for me and gave me my very own ukulele!

A few highlights:

Aaron, sporting his awesome Xmas shirt getting just what he asked for:

The much sought after ukulele
Einstein getting into the fun with Ben:
Kelly gets a shoot a Parrot game:

Matt super stoked on his ping pong equipment.

Lisa and the much sought after American Samoa flag.

Maria super excited by her awesome tie.
Naomi gets a calus cutter from Ned. Awesome.Ned gets this hat as Karmic payback.

View from Naomi and Aaron's bungalow:View from Brian and Nadia's house on Christmas day, where we had a nice feast.
And every Xmas post should end with a cute baby picture (Ona ready for walk):