Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Get LOST Already Party

Barbara who's been here for three years left on Sunday for adventures unknown. Read her blog about her transition off-island. Since I leave this upcoming Sunday we had a shared goodbye party.

Again, Matt opened up his house to the festivities including filling up the pool!! Good thing he had an umbrella or he and Kayla could have gotten wet!

The theme was LOST and a few brave souls dressed up and there was lots of Dharma Initiative brand food. (Please ignore the fact I spelled Initiative wrong on all the labels!) Note the cool "The Rock" station logo that Paul Brown made for me.

And, of course, Fish Biscuits from the Polar Bear cage episode. They tasted horrible, just like you would imagine the ones sitting in the cage all those years would have. I need to find a new gingerbread recipe.

I made a special Crash Landing Cake (that's supposed to be Tutuilla there).

Kim and Mike as Kate and Locke

Lisa as Pregnant Claire admiring the LOST t-shirts

Ned sporting the back of the LOST tshirt.

Kelly sporting the front.

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Niqnaq23 said...

Hey, That's Jamie in the photo eating cookies...We practiced on the softball team together. I almost died out there from a tubal pregnancy that ruptured... So I didn't get to play... Wow, small Island, small cyberworld. :o)