Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tofa Markus!

Markus (and Einstein) have departed the rock. And you are hearing about this way after the fact, because I wasn't interested in advertising on the internet that I was without dog or husband.

There are two ways to check in at Hawaiian on flight days. Well that is if you don't want to stand in line for three hours. There is "early"-come at 5ish and stand in line until the desk opens at 6, be done hopefully by 7. Go out to dinner with friends and come back at 10pm. There is "late" check in-come at 9 pm and really, really hope you can be through the line by the time the desk closes at 10pm. Late check in seems to be working well these days. However, since we had to drop Einstein off at the cargo at 9pm, we checked in "early."

Chase was in line too. Notice all the bags holding places. This is the line before the desk is even open! Markus is on the phone to the cargo guys who are supposed to be there meeting us with Einstein. We can see them going in and out of the cargo building, apparently ignoring the phone.

We had a bunch of "lasts"
Markus' last dive with Paul & Melanie

Our last Mt.Alava walk (Markus did this every day with Einstein, sometimes even twice!)

Last dinner at Tisas with the Browns (we are a few coladas into the night)

Last amazing Candy Man Pina Coladas

Special island banana splits made by Emma for Markus

Tired Markus waiting for the plane.

Some lovely things our friends said about Markus for his departure:
Things we'll miss about Markus :
Someone to Pitch for us in Sloshball Games
Being the only person on the island qualified to fix our most complicated computer problems
A Dive Partner
Your steady, genial demeanor
We'll miss you big guy, and your little dog too!
Going all in on the first hand, and losing.
Emailing me seemingly every twenty minutes asking where his payment is and why ASG is so fucked up.
Being introduced to the always-humble Markus' alter ego on Ofu... Reno Markus. Thanks for the laughs during a great weekend!
Seeing him faithfully walking Einstein at Utulei Beach nearly every day
easy going, friendly personality His infinite patience with people who he is trying to help...

Dear Einstein,
I, and the Association as a whole, will miss you. Your sloshball abilities, relaxed attitude, and political insights will not be easy to replace. I hope you have safe travels back to Portland and don't get too cold on the flight. I only wish you could have spent more time with and helped Pu as he has some serious psychological issues to work through - like realizing that despite being fixed he's still male and shouldn't be so motherly to the cat or chirp like a startled 3rd grade girl.
Please keep in touch and despite the fact you lack opposable thumbs or fingers I hope you write often.
P.S. Give your owner Marcus my best as well. He will sorely be missed as he was one of the more upbeat and happy individuals on the island, probably because he gets to hang out with you. Happy travels to him as well. (No mention of wife here, hmmmm.....)
Now me and jeremy will need to find someone else to weigh as much as.
We'll also miss your laid-back style, and your dog... what's that Snowy? yeah, I mentioned his dog.

Tofa Markus!

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Mary said...

Geeee, Liz
Leaving all these wonderful friends, sob... sigh.
Do try to stay focused.... summer is coming and living in Portland is easy.... Anyway, I'm glad you are here and I know the Mc Names' are, also. So cheer-up, and know you are loved where-ever you go!
Blessings, MM